Loot the Labyrinth

Enter a mysterious labyrinth, fight blood-thirsty monsters, and claim the treasure for yourself!
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Tales speak of the ancient labyrinth, set within the far hills, which stands in near ruin. Rumor has it that there is a priceless treasure hidden somewhere within its crumbling passages. Its halls have claimed the lives of many would-be treasure seekers. guarding this elusive treasure are monsters that will waylay anyone foolish enough to enter the maze.

The tales also say that Those that enter the labyrinth find they can alter it's passages. Some even have the monsters do their bidding. You will need to command both wisely as Other adventurers have likewise heard the tales and are also vying for the loot and the glory.

Build the labyrinth to your whims, trapping the competition. Waylay other adventurers with blood-thirsty monsters and claim the treasure for yourself!

Will you be victorious or will you be lost in the labyrinth forever?